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The overriding value provided by traditional media - massive audiences - is countered by complexity and cost.

Blue Bridge Media Solutions has the strategic perspective, experience, and the relationships to run your campaign efficiently, keep you up to speed about our actions, and help you understand why it’s the correct approach.


Our expertise extends throughout traditional and digital media buying, and often we recommend campaigns that profits from the benefits of both. With placements in print, outdoor, radio, television, online, mobile, and social networks, our processes offer total transparency into performance. We are aware of which campaigns that are running, which are showing satisfactory results, and which need adjustment. It all means better results for your business.



Print Media Buying

Advertising in newspapers, magazines, and other printed publications.

TV Media Buying

Broadcast, cable, on-demand programming, and subscription video services.

Radio Media Buying

Connect with audiences that meet specific criteria through both traditional and digital radio.

Outdoor Media Buying

From billboards and wallscapes to transport and kiosks, Blue Bridge helps you achieve efficient spend
with timely targeting.

Traditional media buying


Print media buying


When timing and targeting are a must, reach your audiences through the publications that engage with them.





Even with the advent of digital content, ink-on-paper advertising offers a significant value to advertisers. The legitimacy, immediacy, and physical nature of print can often make it an effective medium for your message.


Blue Bridge understands the advantages of print media buying and will help you evaluate and negotiate their offers.

We will connect you to your audience through magazines, newspapers, and other publications.

Blue Bridge evaluates opportunities in printed media buying through extensive research based on your marketing strategy. We take into consideration:


  • Publications that engage niche audiences.
  • Print products that influence specific areas.
  • Which issues are available for timely promotional needs, such as a sale or event.
  • How print media can support other promotional efforts.


Based on our years of experience in print we negotiate for effective pricing during the media buying process. Even without a planned digital media buying campaign, our team can often negociate added value impressions via online and app versions of content.


Printed publications do not wait for the advertiser, this is why accuracy and planning are essential. Companies rely on Blue Bridge Media Solutions to manage their entire process. When you choose us to handle the production of your creative work, insertion orders, and buying, it allows you to focus on your core business.

TV media buying


Reach vast, engaged, and targeted audiences with TV. Blue Bridge connects your business to viewers across devices and content.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions has years of experience in television advertising.
Our media planning identifies how, when, and which content your audience consumes, we will recommend:


  • The lengths of commercial spots.
  • The markets and best timing for advertising.
  • The networks and programmes that correspond with your audience.
  • Reach, frequency and target rating points (TRP).


The planning we prepare filters television viewers according to a host of criteria. This approach lets us reach a sizeable audience that matches your objectives.

The Changing Channel


Television is no longer only broadcast into your living room. Today content can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Effective TV media buying requires a keen understanding of these technological changes and close attention to developing trends.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions can advise you about opportunities in broadcast, on-demand programming, subscription video and cable, services.

Radio media buying


Blue Bridge uses traditional radio advertising and digital formats to precisely target audiences and achieve a return on investment like never before.



Radio media has a massive audience but a complex and often obsure pricing system. Clients rely on Blue Bridge because we help them access the audience and guide them through the pricing maze. Based on your objectives identified in the media research and strategy, we:


  • Determine formats and  leading radio stations that target each market.
  • Explore advertising opportunities in news, traffic, and weather reports.
  • Recommend advert lengths for promotional and branding messages.


Our media planning often advises different lengths and types of messages during a campaign for maximum effect.


Blue Bridge uses its radio media buying experience and relationships, to effectively negotiate low rates for your busines while ensuring wide coverage.

Digital Radio


With digital formats, listeners can tailor radio content in a variety of ways, and your business can get priviledged access to your audience.


Our radio media buying experts can advise on the full range of digital radio solutions, such as Pandora and Spotify.
Through digital radio, we can:


  • Target listeners in their cars, at their computer, and on their tablet/mobile phone.
  • Reach your audience for a more efficient spend.
  • Tie-in with other aspects of your digital media buying campaign.


Our radio media buyers will analyze both traditional and digital to determine what opportunities they offer. With our recommendations, management, and reporting, you will have a clear insight into what is possible via the airwaves and a clear indication of your campaign’s outcome.

Outdoor media buying


Too big to be ignored. Outdoor media from Blue Bridge captures your audience's attention on the go.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions has extensive experience in outdoor media buying, from billboards and wallscapes to bus-stops and kiosks to airlines and theatres. Outdoor generates value because it offers:


  • A low cost per message compared to other mass media.
  • Geographically targetable.
  • A constant message.
  • Low-competition, high-impact advertising.


Following our media strategy and planning process, we will explore outdoor media’s potential impact on your campaign and recommend an approach that will engage with your audience.

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