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Digital media buying


Blue Bridge uses the power and insight of digital media technology to engage your audience at all moments.


Digital Media Buying Expertise


Blue Bridge continually adopts new digital platforms into our media mix so that your message is directed, and effective.


Our services include:

Display Advertising Services

Target your audience on websites and digital publications, and get unprecedented insight into how your buy performs.

Digital Video Advertising

Integrate your message into industry business, news and entertainment video content.

Mobile Advertising Services

Deliver geographically-targeted advertising across a host of mobile devices via in-app opportunities, display, and text messages.

Search Engine Marketing

Boost your visibility with pay-per-click results in online search.

Social Media Marketing

Send your message via social media and drive  those Likes, Follows, and Connections.

Display Advertising Services


Connect with your audience through websites and digital publications. Our approach continually improves the performance of placements and creative.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions distribute your messages in a variety of digital formats and then captures extensive analytic data that is used to optimize your campaign on an ongoing basis. When people engage with your advertising, we help you make that message more effective with every viewing.


With media research and digital tools, we identify the top websites and devices used by your target audiences.
Then, we advise your creative team about which media we recommend, launch your campaign, and oversee every aspect of the media buy.


Our media agency works together with clients to define the goals that make up broader marketing objectives.
In display advertising, this may mean:


  • Increased website traffic (to grow brand awareness and/or revenue).
  • Downloading deocumentation (to develop brand awareness, increase brand fidelity).
  • Viewing a video (to promote an upcoming event, engage more with audience).


We use direct advert placements, programmable buying, and bid to place advertisements. Then, we track their performance and offer media campaign analysis to identify new opportunities.




Did you miss connection with a potential customer?  Nevermind! Just because someone doesn’t notice your advertisement the first time around doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions regularly uses retargeting advertisements. This approach lets you advertise on third-party sites to people who previously visited your website or whose online behavior corresponds with your offer. With help from Blue Bridge, you’ll find your perfect customer.

Digital Video Advertising


Engage your audience by being part of their online viewing experience then accurately track conversion rates.



Blue Bridge recommends digital video advertising to clients who want to reach niche viewing audiences at a significantly lower cost than TV. This approach is particularly effective for businesses that would like potential customers to experience their brand in a visual, engaging media.


Video advertising can be used in several ways, including:


  • In-stream video. We air your video advertisement before, during, or after content.
  • Your advertising appears as the content plays.
  • Companion advertising. Your advert appears in text and banners around video content.


With some of these opportunities, your business is not necessarily dependant on a creative agency to produce video content to reach a video viewing public.


Blue Bridge manages media buying for video in a similar way to that of display advertising services. We research, plan, and purchase media that targets the correct audience, and then we deliver video adverts in the right format at the right time.


Our campaign analysis can evaluate results using a variety of metrics, such as:


  • Player operations (play, pause, rewind...)
  • Views and clickthroughs.
  • Time spent viewing, abort times.


Whatever metric you need, Blue Bridge will monitor and optimize your campaign to generate the best results from your media spend.

Mobile Advertising Services


Distribute your message across handheld devices through display advertisements, in-app opportunities, in-text, and more.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions uses its expertise in display advertising services to reach potential mobile audiences. We help your business advertise on portable devices across mobile sites and apps.


Blue Bridge’s mobile advertising service uses Google DoubleClick Bid Manager - the premier demand-side platform -  to plan and carry out your campaign. Our approach considers advertising preferences, landing pages, relevancy, and the mobile compatibility of your website.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions may recommend a mobile campaign to provide:


  • Geo-targeting. Knowing the location and behavior of your audience allows you to tailor unique and effective advertising campaigns.
  • Cost savings. Purchasing mobile messages and clicks can be less expensive on mobile than other digital and traditional media buying.
  • A wide audience. Even if other areas of digital media buying can be effective, mobile usage now represents a significant portion of all activity.
  • High engagement. To the right audience, mobile advertising sends your message at the time and place that customers are ready to take action.


Blue Bridge may advise testing our mobile advertising services inorder to compare performance against print media buying, desktop display ads, and other approaches. If mobile media translates as more business, we'll suggest adjusting your media planning to take advantage of the opportunity.

Search Engine Marketing Services


The solution your audience chooses when it searches online for answers, advice, products, or support.



Blue Bridge Media Solutions’ search engine marketing services focuses on paid-for search results. We develop highly focused campaigns for the largest and most precise audiences. Paid-for search engine advertising also contributes towards favorable organic search results during and after a campaign.


Paid-for search results help you to be found at every stage of the purchase cycle.


With paid-for search engine advertising (commonly referred to as pay per click, or PPC), Blue Bridge Media Solutions can buy placements based on the amount of displays or clicks.


Our search engine marketing services:


  • Select landing pages based on relevancy and conversion opportunities.
  • Automatically display different adverts to best correspond with user’s search.
  • Use statistics to identify keywords that users may enter when they search online.
  • Target audiences by geography and known behavior.
  • Evaluate performance against display advertising and other media.
  • Produce advertisements or work with your creative agency to develop them.


Blue Bridge focuses on optimization. Ongoing testing identifies inefficient adverts or keywords so that we can concentrate on “winners” and invest in high yield solutions.


Social Media Marketing Services


Reach your audience when and where they are most engaged.

Using its social media marketing services, Blue Bridge can precisely target your audience: moving beyond demographics and markets and into behavior and interests. Social networks offer enormous exposure for your brand, allowing it to raise awareness, gain a following, and incite action.


Blue Bridge advertises on a variety of networks to gain views, clicks and sales. We can also work with your business to drive social actions, such as Likes, Follows, and Connections. Developing these relationships can help you reach even more audience.


Based on the strategy that our media planning agency develops for your business, we may recommend including our social media marketing services in your mix. Here’s how we do social:


Each social network offers different media buying opportunities, such as sponsored content or display ads. We monitor the availability and efficiency of placements.

Blue Bridge uses the media research it conducts for your business to determine your audience’s preferred social networks.

We create small campaigns on social networks, analyse the results, and then optimize the approach.


Blue Bridge surveys displays, clicks, and social actions (Like's etc.) available in the networks that work best.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions help clients achieve success with both B2C and B2B campaigns.
We make recommendations to consider a social network advertising strategy based on several questions, including:


  • Does it fit with your objectives?
  • Are social networks a preferred medium for your audience?
  • Is social network media more cost effective for achieving your goals?
  • Does social media offer a advantage over your competition?


If your business is specifically interested in social, Blue Bridge can evaluate the opportunity and make a recommendation on whether it should be part of your campaign mix.

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