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Media Solutions.

Blue Bridge Media Solutions engages your audiences with strategic media buying.


We offer businesses along with their agencies extensive media buying power with the service you expect from a smaller shop.

To create a campaign that targets your objectives, whether it’s growing revenue, building awareness, or even entering new markets; partner with us.

Wide Experience.

Blue Bridge Media Solutions has extensive expertise in traditional and digital media buying including print, TV, radio, outdoor, web, mobile, search engine, and social.


End-to-End Solution.

We lead your media campaign from strategy, research, and planning to buying and optimization.

Client-Centred Approach.

Blue Bridge is an extension of your marketing team, providing guidance and responding quickly to opportunities.

Active Management.

We don’t leave your campaign on auto-pilot.
Our media buyer continually improves performance.

Media Strategy


Focus on your goal.


Basing our recommendations on a predetermined effective media strategy, every step in the media planning process leads towards your objectives.


Action follow Strategy


It’s this formula that has helped Blue Bridge Media Solutions clients double their conversion rate while saving around 25% in costs per media buy.


Media strategies for a regional B2C companies may be different than the approach for nationwide B2B organisations. That’s why we take the time to fully understand your business, what you want to achieve, and then we ensure that the media planning will lead you there.

The Blueprint of your Media Strategy


Blue Bridge Media Solutions establishes:


We’ll create a Blue Bridge to success, whether you want to increase revenue, improve awareness, take on new markets, or put some distance between you and  the competition.


Blue Bridge  identifies the groups that your organization should target, we then refine them to the most relevant audience possible, driving conversions and decreasing expense.


We advise you about the time scales during which your media should run to effectively engage with your audience.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions recommends the markets to target and then prioritizes them based on your objectives.


We take into account demographics, media consumption, behavior, influencers, and other factors to guide your traditional and digital media buying.


Whether you start with specific goals or a given budget, Blue Bridge can build an ROI-driven media plan based on your needs and/or your resources.


We don't just buy media. We make recommendations based on our experience and the most recent information. We proactively adjust campaigns to meet changing circumstances and opportunities.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions’ approach allows the consideration of each decision based on whether it is in line with your marketing strategy. As a result, you can trust the success of our work and in the media plan that we create.

Media Planning


Blue Bridge Media Solutions transforms strategy into actionplans across media, markets, and audiences.


Media plans are created based on a close collaboration with your business, our research, and our years of experience in a range of media industries.


Once our media strategy has established the markets, budget and timeframe for your campaign, we then determine the specific actions that will carry out this strategy. With the plan, our intended approach will be completely clear and you can trust its success.


Blue Bridge Media planning presents you with:

Creative and Placement Recommendations.

We review the placements that will be made, the timing for insertions, and the format and size of the creative work.


Added Value.

Our media planning covers promotional opportunities and placements beyond the initial buy, these include those we negotiate for no additional cost that allow you additional opportunities to receive exposure.


Estimated Outcomes.

Blue Bridge shows you the impressions/hits, cost, and metrics you can expect from the campaign. Our media campaign analysts willcompare these estimates to outcomes to improve performance.



Our approach to media planning goes beyond recommendations and delves into the rationale. We explain why we advise a dgital display advertising campaign over print media, why campaigns should coincide with or indeed avoid a competitor’s messages, and why search engine marketing or social media advertising should be part of your marketing mix.


Blue Bridge Media Solutions’ team includes traditional and digital media buying experts who collaborate closely with your business at every stage of your campaign. Clients choose us for many reasons, but our thoughtful, and clear approach is probably the most important.

Media Research


For the most effective ad spend: understand your audience and opportunities better than ever!


Blue Bridge Media Solutions combine strategy with the in-depth analysis of audiences, markets, and media. Our research  guides our recommendations for your campaign, and it ensures that your media buy is well targeted.


Blue Bridge’s media research goes beyond searching for a broad audience at the lowest price. We make it our job to learn which media is the most likely to engage, find hidden value in placement opportunities, and evaluate factors beyond those found in analytics, such as industry and competitive trends.

Media Research RESOURCES

Blue Bridge solutions support your media buy with the latest research tools. From Nielsen to Kantar Worldpanel, and Adobe AEM to Google, our investment in intelligence gives you access to:

Consumer Research

into behavior, demographics, media, and devices.


Competitive Analysis

to know where and how competitors spend their media money.


Programme Information

for radio and television media buying.

Traditional media opportunities

in over 100 countries for outdoor and print media buying.


Digital Media Research

into audiences, cross-media, and cross-platform opportunities.


Cost Forecasting

estimating your spend based on your objectives.


Collecting information is an essential part of media strategy, but companies choose Blue Bridge Media Solutions for its ability to make sense this data and turn it into valuable information to work with.


By applying our experience and expertise at data interpretation, we then make recommendations for your media buy. By establishing our advice based on the best informed sources available, we help your business make the most of its media money, outmaneuver competitors, and make a significant impact on your audience.

Media Buying


Choose Blue Bridge Media Solutions to orientate your campaign, negotiate rates, and obtain added-value opportunities.



Blue Bridge’s highly experienced and skilled media buyers can often negotiate big discounts for clients, relying on strong vendor relationships, and regular high-volume buying.


As your representative, we value responsible management. We monitor the different facets of your campaign so that no opportunity is missed. We also recommend changes during media negociation to improve your campaign’s impact and reduce its cost.

Coordinating the media buy

Depending on the media planning team’s recommendations, Blue Bridge may directly contact media sales representatives; request a proposal on your company’s behalf; or automatically purchase media in real-time with programmable media buying.
We also handle…



Our negotiation people work to get your business the most effective media buy possible, including promotions, lower rates, and additional displays.



Blue Bridge can manage the entire production process. We collaborate with your creatives to deliver the rightt ad content to the right outlets.


We manage orders, confirmations, invoicing, and other details, saving your business the time and effort of managing these steps.




Blue Bridge Media Solutions tracks bought media. Occasionally, we find that media outlets can’t or don’t deliver. Programming is rescheduled, a technical issue may occur, and traffic estimations are sometimes off. In these cases, Blue Bridge pushes for appropriate “make-goods” on your behalf.


This process was more transparent in the past, but changes in the media landscape - such as time-delayed TV viewing and multi-device content consumption - have made it more difficult to value a make-good. Blue Bridge Media Solutions’ experience as a media agency helps to ensure that you receive what you pay for (or more.)


Campaign Analysis


Blue Bridge Media Solutions continuously optimizes campaigns for a higher return-on-investment.




Blue Bridge Media Solutions’ analysis translates the results or a campaign to the impact on your business. We regularly deliver more than the media plan estimated and for less than the budgeted cost. As a client, you will find our approach, clear, transparent, and action-intensive.


Incorporating tracking and measurement into each step of your campaign.


Traditional Media Buying

Wherever possible we tag print, TV, and radio ads with a call-to-action aligned with the campaign’s goals and KPIs, such as a promotion, a unique URL, or a free telephone number. We also monitor organic search and website performance for a related increase in traffic.


Digital Media Buying

Blue Bridge Media Solutions tracks statistics by placement and campaign through our in-house reporting tools. With campaign analysis, we can evaluate impressions, clicks, leads, social actions, acquisitions, conversions, expense, and revenue. We can also provide data on return visits (when a user sees the advertisement, returns to your site through another channel, and converts).



Our method allows us to evaluate your media buy’s performance and identify areas for improvement. With digital media, for example, we can advise your company on whether static advertising or rich media are more effective and can then recommend creative changes.

Statistics reporting can take place in the format and at the frequency that suits your needs such as dashboards, discussions, and presentations.

Campaign analysis may include:


  • An overview of placements by media, type, and timescales.
  • Impressions, clicks, and other actions provoked by digital media placements.
  • For TV, outdoor, and radio media buys, we analyse Gross rating points (GRPs).
  • Comparisons of how our media planning compares with your results.
  • The media buy’s efficiency and cost savings for your company.
  • Evaluation of audience insight, performance and improvement options.


Blue Bridge is capable providing this level of detail in reporting because of our belief in transparency and our investment in tracking tools such as Adobe Audience Manager. If you wish we can also integrate our reporting methods with your team’s internal systems for clear insights into your media buy.

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